TMS Mini 2.0

TMS Mini 2.0

The Mad Spinner Mini-2.0 is one of the most powerful tools to help you improve your spins and jumps on and off the ice. 

The Mad Spinner Mini-2.0 was designed for young and adult skaters alike starting to learn how to spin or wanting to improve existing spins and jumps. It’s unique large surface area, low profile and light weight design allows skaters travel with their spinner easily. 

The Mad Spinner Mini-2.0 is light weight, low profile, smooth, quiet, affordable, and rotates freely in both directions. The Mad Spinner mini-2.0 can be used with either one or two feet, Unlike other spinners on the market all of our spinners move in both directions, And have been tested by coaches, figure skaters and choreographers around the world.

By practicing off-ice with The Mad Spinner Mini-2.0, figure skaters will learn to spin with more control, confidence and less movement. Skaters can practice camel spins, sit spins, back spins, counters, brackets and basic figure skating positions. 

The Mad Spinner line of spinners can also be used for a great cardio workout and for dancers learning how to do pirouettes properly.

The Mad Spinner line of spinners are currently being used by thousands of PSA rated coaches and their students all over the world.

The Mad Spinner is now available in over 50 colors and patterns.

Check out TMS Ultimate Plus, and micro (the worlds smallest) spinners as well.

All of The Mad Spinner spinners are Pre-Patented. 


The Mad Spinner line of spinners are light and can be taken anywhere.
Easy to use.
Can be used with one or two feet.
Very Low profile
Hand made in the U.S.A.
Your Child or Student will not want to stop using it. It is that much FUN!
Use with caution. Please check with your coach prior too using. 

Light weight

Made of Aluminum
Works on hard and soft surfaces.
12(Ultimate Plus), 9(Mini-2.0), and 5'(Micro)
 circular designs
Smooth quiet operation.

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