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The Mad Spinner

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The Mad Spinner Micro Black

The Mad Spinner Micro is our smallest spinner to date. We have redesigned the Micro Spinner to have stainless steel plates top and bottom for a better durability.


The Mad Spinner Micro is lighter, smaller and faster then any spinner on the market. It has the same low profile, smooth, operation that you have come to accept from The Mad Spinner, And as always we have made it just as affordable.


The Mad Spinner Micro is the perfect travel companion at just under 6" it can fit into any skate bag, purse or backpack. The size makes it Great to take to competitions, exhibitions, school or anywhere the traveling skaters goes.


The Mad Spinner Micro can only be used with one foot. It has been tested by coaches, figure skaters and choreographers all over the country.

Skaters that use The Mad Spinner Micro have improved their body position in their spins as well as their jumps. It has been used to help with spin tightness that is associated with double, triple and quad jumps.


The Mad Spinner Microis currently being used by several PSA rated coaches and their advanced students.

The Mad Spinner Micro is light and can be taken anywhere.
Easy to use.
Very Low profile
Hand made in the U.S.A.


The Mad Spinner Micro can be dangerous if not used properly. (Please check with your coach prior to using.)



Light weight
Small under 6" diameter
Made of aluminum and Stainless Steel
Works on hard and soft surfaces.
Circular design.
Low profile.
Smooth quiet operation.

The Mad Spinner Micro is in stock and ready to ship.



The Mad Spinner is used and recommended by the following coaches & choreographers: 

Christian Hendricks

Konstantin Kostin

Beth-Anne Duxbury

Joan Vienneau-Bunnell

Amanda Marston-DeAguila

Patti Kennedy

Just to name a few!



(No reviews yet) Write a Review